An avid reader, I aspired to write a book. I attended classes, joined a couple writer groups, attended conferences, and soaked up every ounce of knowledge to learn the craft. I plotted material to fuel a page-turner and hope to do it justice. The journey has begun…

At First Blush

Coming Soon! I can hardly wait to hold the book in my hands.

Short and Sweet:
A Different Beat

My first “consent to publish” was signed with Editor, Susan Cheeves King. The book (purchase here) is a compilation showcasing 41 unique individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world as they stay true to themselves and dance to their own beat.

The story I submitted introduces you to a fun and loving woman, my granny.

Proceeds benefit:
World Christian Broadcasting

I’m grateful to have won 2nd place in the 2019 Bess Streeter Aldrich Short Story Contest

My husband and I attended the annual reception in Elmwood, Nebraska. The lovely home, turned museum, is a delightful tribute to one of Nebraska’s finest writers.

And so goes the journey…  

I live in Nebraska and love traveling the world,
capturing moments of time and beauty.
*A photograph is a memory captured by the heart*

Scrapbooking, camping, and volunteer work are close to my heart, right next to my family, friends, and fur babies.

I talk in exclamation and find the most joy in simple things!

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