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100% Recycled Fire Starters

Easy DIY Make 100% recycled fire starters

It’s that time of year to make a season (or two) worth of 100% recycled fire starters. Indeed!

While helping to make a campfire easily, you’ll save money, and keep waste from the landfill.

These fire starters also work in wood-burning stoves.


  • Egg cartons (cardboard, not styrofoam)
  • Dryer lint
  • Shredded paper
  • Wax from leftover candles and melts

Other Tools:

  • Fire grate
  • Old pan
  • Metal coffee pot (if available)
  • Potholders
  • Wood for a fire
Tools used in DIY

Let’s Make 100% Recycled Fire Starters!

  • Build a Campfire and then put a grate over the fire.
  • Use an old pan to melt the wax from jar candles:
    • Add 1-2” of water to the pan, add the jars, and then place over the fire.
  • Place loose wax (such as votives, pillars, and chips) in the coffee pot.
    • Do not add water to the coffee pot. Place over the fire.

While the Wax is Melting

  • In the first place, line up the egg cartons. It works best and consequently takes up less room to put the egg side of the carton in the previous carton’s lid.
  • Secondly, add shredded paper to each egg side of the carton. I just sprinkle it on until it’s 1/2-1” thick.
  • Press about a quarter-sized pinch of dryer lint to each egg well. Just jam it in there.

Finish the 100% Recycled Fire Starters

  • The wax should be melted by this time.
  • Using the coffee pot, pour a thin stream of wax back and forth over the rows of egg wells, making sure to drizzle wax on each wad of lint. Additionally, If you don’t have a coffee pot, you can use a metal coffee can bent to form a spout. In fact, pour the melted wax from the glass jars into the coffee pot for an easier pour.
  • That’s it. Close each egg carton, and you are ready for campfire season.

On a side note, I used recycled citronella wax on some of the fire starters to be used at the campfire. Hopefully, they will help keep bugs away as a bonus!

Waxed egg cartons to make 100% Recycled Fire Starters

To Use Fire Starters:

  • Divide the egg carton in 1/2 (6 egg wells) or 1/3 (4 egg wells) to make 2 or 3 fire starters from each carton.
  • Place the 100% Recycled Egg Carton in the fire ring.
  • Add kindling (twigs or bark) then add a couple logs on top.
  • Light the fire starter, and there you go… By the time you grab graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, your fire will be ready for s’mores!

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