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Barbaric: Volumes 1 & 2

Gimme some Barbaric graphic novels! Not one but two! I’m thrilled to be hosting a spot on the SHADOW SERVICE by Michael Moreci, Nathan Gooden Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours.

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About The Books

barbaric volume one murderable offenses

Title: BARBARIC Vol. 1 

Authors: Michael Moreci, Nathan Gooden (Illustrations)

Pub. Date: May 16, 2023

Publisher: Vault Comics

Formats:  Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Pages: 104

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Owen the Barbarian is under a witches’ curse to make amends for his murderous past. His bloodthirsty talking Axe is his moral compass. And he’ll do whatever it takes to do good, even it if it means cleaving a few skulls. Even if it means helping a witch.


Owen the Barbarian has been cursed to do good with what remains of his life. His bloodthirsty weapon, Axe, has become his moral compass with a drinking problem. Together they wander the realm, foredoomed to help any who seek assistance. But there is one thing Owen hates more than a life with rules: Witches.
Welcome to the skull-cracking, blood-splattering, mayhem-loving comic brave enough to ask: How can a man sworn to do good do so much violence? Hah! F***ing with you. It’s just…BARBARIC.

Title: BARBARIC Vol. 2

Authors: Michael Moreci, Nathan Gooden (Illustrations)

Pub. Date: May 23, 2023

Publisher: Vault Comics

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 144

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barbaric axe to grind book cover

As one of Entertainment Weekly’s “10 Best Comics of 2021,” Barbaric – featuring Owen the Barbarian and his bloodthirsty companion Axe – returns in a whirlwind of blood, humor, and mayhem with an evil demigod, vampires, and rampaging monsters!  

Hailed as one of the best comics of 2021 by Entertainment Weekly, ThrillistScreen Rant, and more, bestselling BARBARIC returns with its second explosive volume!


he embarks on a bloody mission to succeed where he once failed and kill a malevolent demigod. Which suits Axe just fine, considering he hasn’t gotten drunk on god blood yet! Meanwhile, Owen’s former barbarian comrade, now a timid vampire, gets cold feet about a life of violence. But in the world of BARBARIC, where orcs, giant spiders, and devil bats roam the land, and doing good is full of gore, is there any other way?

For fans of BRZRKR!, The Witcher, Conan the BarbarianRed SonjaHeathen, Rat Queens, and Dungeons and Dragons!

Collects the second three-issue miniseries (Axe to Grind) and the special one-shot standalone (Harvest Blades)!

It’s just … BARBARIC!

From writer Michael Moreci (Wasted Space, The Plot, and Revealer) and artist Nathan C. Gooden (Brandon Sanderson’s Dark One, The RUSH, Vampire: The Masquerade)!

Praise For Barbaric

‘One of the “10 Best Comics of 2021…” Barbaric took only three issues to establish itself as a first-rate comic.’ – Entertainment Weekly

‘A “Best Comics of 2021…” It’s a funny, gory, weird comic with stunning art in muted colors.’ – Thrillist

‘One of the “Best Comic Books and Graphic Novels of 2021…” the “excellent…violent, expletive-filled fantasy epic Barbaric never holds back… It’s bloody spectacular.”’ – Screen Rant

Barbaric has turned me into a graphic novel whore – it’s just BARBARIC! The illustrations blow my mind and the story is driven with non-stop action. Another winner!

About Michael Moreci

Michael Moreci is a bestselling comics author, screenwriter, and novelist. His original comic works include The Plot, Curse, Barbaric, Wasted Space (all for VAULT COMICS), the upcoming Creepy the Snowman Middle Grade graphic novel – with his two sons – for WONDERBOUND, Roche Limit, and more. He’s also written canonical stories for Stranger Things, Star Wars, Hack/Slash, and the DC universe. Additionally, Moreci’s first movie, Revealer, premiered in Fall 2021 and he’s in pre-production on a second film.

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About Nathan Gooden

An award-winning illustrator and sequential artist, Nathan C. Gooden is Art Director at Vault Comics. Nathan studied animation at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and worked in film production, before co-founding Vault Comics. Nathan’s previous works include Brandon Sanderson’s Dark One (Vault), Barbaric (Vault), Zojaqan (Vault), and  Killbox (from American Gothic Press). He lives in Southern California, where he plays a lot of basketball and hikes with his wife. 

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