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As a volunteer at our local crisis center, I’m honored to be hosting a spot on the BELIEVED by Michael James Emberger Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours.

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About The Book

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Author: Michael James Emberger

Pub. Date: October 4, 2021

Publisher: Michael James Emberger

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook(FREE)

Pages: 429

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Kelsea Jones is like a lot of girls at the University of Northern Minnesota. She has a boyfriend, she works at a coffee shop, and she’s on the swim team. But she’s not a girl. She’s a mermaid.

Trouble brews when star hockey player Chad Andersen takes an interest in her. She tries to avoid him, but he won’t leave her alone. A son of wealth and privilege, he takes what he wants, and he gets away with it. He wants Kelsea, she says no, and so he rapes her. Kelsea stands on a tail and two fins to fight the most painful trial of her life. Despite her trauma and a crisis of faith, she speaks the truth of what Chad did, but will she be believed?

A Note From the Author

1 out of 4 college girls experiences rape or sexual assault. That breaks my heart. It’s a crime that has affected people I love, and it has to stop. This novel is my way of raising awareness and showing survivors that someone hears them.

Believed is a product of my friendship with a survivor who is an author and advocate. She opened my eyes to a world of trauma and PTSD that had been largely invisible to me before I met her, and it was life-changing. I needed to share that with others. The burden on my heart was too great to not say something, and fiction is the method I know best to convey the thoughts, truths, pains, and struggles that I see.

Sexual assault is not my story. I haven’t experienced it, I don’t live with the resulting trauma, and I do not wish to profit from the pain of survivors. This is a book for them. It’s a book for those who love them. It’s a book to encourage readers to think and to empathize and to consider the realities of so many whose lives have been affected by this crime. If you purchase a copy here, know that the prices are the minimum allowed. I make no royalty on print copies. If you would like to read for free, you can download the book at my website:

Please Share Believed

If you find value in this work, please consider donating to an organization that fights against sexual violence or offers support to survivors. Tell your family and friends about the book. Review it online. Let the survivors in your life know that you care, that you believe them, and that you are there for them.

Believed Review

Reading the blurb, I was like what? what? How do you combine rape and a mermaid?

The joke was on me, this book is an amazing read. A heavy and emotional topic, full of pain and trauma, was told in a sensitive and captivating way to bring awareness to such the horrible topic of rape. Bless the author’s heart for his mission of helping others. Give this book a try and please pay it forward.

About the Author

Michael James Emberger is an author of thrillers and suspense residing in Wilton, NH. He enjoys weaving narratives of conspiracy and misguided intentions around divisive topics. Where there is debate, there is always room for a villain with goals far out of alignment from either side. Michael is a graduate of Messiah College, where he studied Engineering and met his wife racing solar cars cross-country. When he’s not working on home renovations or writing, he enjoys visiting the ocean and exploring the majesty of God’s creation on the summits of New Hampshire’s mountains.

Michael wrote Believed, a heartbreaking and inspirational tale of a Mermaid in college in Minnesota. It was the most difficult book he’s ever written, but also the most important. He’s made it available for free in audiobook and e-book formats, and he hopes it will encourage and inform.

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believe her book cover by Michael emberger

Believe Her

This sweet and caring man has created another book, Believe Her, for survivors and their support system. It’s a complete guidebook to help you help her. Wonderful. – Kim Wilch, One More Exclamation

“Yes, you will absolutely be reborn. Yes, you will rebuild something more beautiful than before, but essentially, a death took place in that moment, and that is irreversible….”- A Survivor.

It is an honor and a privilege to be an ally to a survivor of sexual assault. She allows you close to her pain, and you help her heal, with no expectations on her. It’s not a commitment to enter lightly.

If Jesus has burdened your heart for a survivor, but you don’t know what to do, start with this audiobook. It will take work, prayer, and patience, but she’s worth it. This book has four main sections:

  • What it means to be a survivor.
  • What it means to be an ally.
  • How to be an ally.
  • Reach out to her.

My intent is to break your heart and prepare you to be the ally your survivor friend needs. You will learn about the crime, and with your friend’s permission, you’ll write a series of letters meant to encourage her, and build an allyship. It’s a process designed around her, her needs, and her safety. 

And who am I, you ask? I’m no one special, but God used my friendship with a survivor to call me to this work. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many more, and their voices are found all through this book.

Thank You

Thank you for checking out my blog spot for this book – please help to bring awareness to this nationwide problem in our society.

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