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Story Time with Cazzy Zahursky

I’m bringing you something different today! Cazzy Zahursky has an amazing YouTube Channel, Circle Time Books: Story Time with Cazzy. She brings children’s books alive with a variety of voice inflections, sure to keep everyone mesmerized with the story. 

Cazzy Zahursky 

Cazzy Zahursky Circle Time Books Storytime with Cazzy

Cazzy Zahursky is a wife and mother of two adorable girls, Aspen and Capri. You can find her helping at their school, spearheading a project, or traveling for soccer tournaments. In her “spare time,” she enjoys painting rocks, writing, illustrating, and on rare occasions, sleeping. This girl gets it done! 

I had the honor of interviewing her between car pools and can’t wait to share more about her. 

What inspired you to become an author?

I am a storyteller at heart across multiple media. I brought stories to life via the performing arts for many decades. Having children led to my current form of artistic expression as an author and illustrator. For years, I wrote and illustrated custom children’s books as unique gifts for children of friends. I decided to take the leap and write entertaining stories, with gentle lessons, for kids everywhere. Ideas for new storylines sprout constantly. I gravitate towards themes that elicit emotions, whether heartfelt and poignant or humorous. For me, it’s important for my readers to “feel” something. I also have an affinity for word plays and puns.

When did your love for art begin? 

Drawing has been a passion of mine as far back as I can recall. I was notably reserved in my earlier years, even earning the title of Shyest Girl as a school superlative one year. Drawing served as an outlet for coping with my shyness and anxiety during that time. Although I have overcome my shyness, my love for the arts remains steadfast. Fond memories of sketching with my grandmother, a professional artist, fill my heart.  

What’s your favorite art medium?

I have a deep appreciation for various art mediums including; acrylics, watercolor, colored pencils, and digital art.

Tell me about your Story Time Channel

The inception of my YouTube Channel, Circle Time Books: Story Time with Cazzy Zahursky, stemmed from my passion for performing.  

There have been numerous joys on the journey of becoming an author. One of the most fulfilling is the incredible community of authors I’ve encountered. I’ve had the privilege of connecting with many talented individuals who generously support each other in various ways. Inspired by their camaraderie, I sought to devise a means of not only promoting my books, but aiding others in the process. I realized the most effective approach would be to engage in something I genuinely enjoy.  Thus, it’s a mutually beneficial endeavor!

Through Story Time with Cazzy, I bring other authors’ books, as well as my own, to life with sound effects, animation, and fun voices. Check out my channel at: New read-alouds post on Tuesday mornings.

How do you keep a straight face doing all the cute voices?

Since childhood, I’ve found great joy in employing silly voices and mastering a wide vocal range, capable of both deep lows and soaring highs. In fact, I spent much of my youth playfully prank-calling my parents, adopting various personas and voices, and successfully fooling them about 97% of the time. Assuming different identities, I’d dial their number and engage them in conversation, often ending in laughter. Now, as a mother myself, I hope my own children don’t inherit that mischievous streak (though it still brings a smile to my face).

I wrote Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop, ever heard of it?

Peter the Turtle Can't Poop

Yes! There is a Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop read-aloud. Check it out!

Excuse my shameless self promotion – LOL – but it’s a super cute rendition. 

Tell me about your books

Barnabee Believes (in Himself)

barnabee believes in himself book cover by Cazzy Zahursky

Barnabee Bee is passionate about spelling and aspires to become a spelling bee champion. However, his vivid imagination proves to be his biggest obstacle. Will Barnabee overcome his self-doubt and learn to believe in himself? This engaging tale delves into themes of courage, self-confidence, self-belief, friendship, and standing up to bullying. It highlights the importance of pursuing one’s dreams early on and preventing any barriers hindering progress.

Barnabee Gets a B

barnabee gets a B book cover by Cazzy Zahursky

When Barnabee Bee receives a B on his math quiz, his lively and hyperactive imagination once again takes control. Follow Barnabee as he discovers how to ease his nerves, seek assistance when necessary, and above all, realize that giving his best effort is enough.

Perspective Detective

perspective detective book cover by Cazzy Zahursky

When Lexa misplaces her beloved teddy bear and accuses her brother, the Perspective Detective steps in to unravel the mystery. He aims to instill the importance of considering different perspectives and viewpoints. Together, they navigate through an interactive, optical illusion-rich, puzzle-filled narrative to recover the lost teddy bear. Young readers will delve into themes such as empathy, open-mindedness, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Cardboard Rosie

cardboard roșie book cover by Cazzy Zahursky

Cardboard Rosie offers a distinctive narrative exploring the extraordinary connection shared between a parent and child. Emma yearns for a Forever Doll, yet when Daddy crafts one from cardboard instead, she makes a profound revelation. Delicately delving into topics such as grief, this tale leads young readers through a heartfelt and imaginative expedition. The narrative leaves children with a sense of warmth and optimism.

Catch Up!

catch up book cover

Follow a simple, everyday object – a bottle cap – as it falls from a family’s picnic table. It is soon repurposed as a frisbee for chipmunks, a boat for ants, a wheel for mice, and various animal’s needs at the park. It emphasizes that trash to one is a treasure to others.

Escape to Fairy Kingdom

escape to fairy kingdom book cover

Keep your young readers entertained with this captivating children’s picture book that addresses the unbreakable and unshakable bond between sisters. Stunning pictures and flowing rhymes are in no short supply. Kids will love the fantasy elements as they learn about the importance of empathy, love, and humanity over toys and material things.

And More by Cazzy Zahursky

I have more books in various stages: a baby board book which will showcase my art, a sequel to one of my current books, and another stand-alone book! I’m excited to release them all soon!

Thank You Cazzy Zahursky!

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“There’s something delicious about writing the first words of a story.  You never quite know where they’ll take you.” Beatrice Potter

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I may have read the ARC for Cazzy’s new book – the sequel to one of my favorite books of hers. Find out about its release here! Coming Soon.

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