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Character Appearance Traits List

I use this character appearance traits list often. As a writer, my brain often needs a little jump start to think of words to describe my character’s appearance. Indeed, there are times when a blank stare accompanies the blank brain. I initially grabbed the dictionary or clicked on the thesaurus for new and unique words to use in my writing. After making these lists, I glance through them until something resonates in my writing soul. Likewise, I’ve found these lists to be a tremendous help and time-saving tool.

Positive Character Appearance Traits List

Click on the link to view or even print the list absolutely free. From adorable to unique, I’m sure you’ll find something good to say about your character’s appearance.


Character Positive Appearance Traits List

Negative Appearance Traits List

Click on the link to view or similarly print the list absolutely free. Here is the negative character appearance traits list. From awkward to wild, I’m sure you’ll find a way to describe your character’s appearance. Rather than tell about their appearance, show it too! Instead of saying he has an ugly appearance … say … His gnarly fingers, unable to grasp the scalpel, was a stark contrast to the white jacket he wore.

NEGATIVE APPEARANCE TRAITS without further ado, here are the less favorable traits..

Character Personality Traits Lists



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