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For the Love of Biking

For the love of biking

For the love of biking, my journey to catch the bug.

Why anyone, in their right mind, desires to ride a bicycle for any length of time is beyond me. I understand a short trip to the grocery store, library, or family picnic with kids in tow. More than that? No, thank you very much. 

Then the universe began aligning me with bikers. I’m talking about those who pedal instead of cranking up a roaring engine. These friends spoke of adventures while I rolled my eyes. To each their own. 

A long-time friend and bicycle enthusiast asked me to go on a ride one evening. I made my way to the shed, stumbled across the mower, snow blower, and a mountain of lawn tools before landing on the dusty heap I called a bike. Sweat dripped from my brow as I lugged it to freedom. Little did I know, my own ‘for the love of biking’ story had begun.

An hour later, Reggie showed up sporting his high-end, custom-tailored wheels. He turned away with laughter in his eyes as he spied my clunker. Evidently, a single-speed, purple, big-box store brand, sporting a bright pink water bottle, and wicker granny basket was funny. I think he was jealous of the squeaky horn. 

Time For a Bicycle Ride

I set my iWatch to capture the outdoor cycle of the trek and log some exercise. We took off for the open road of our flat-as-a-pancake suburban town. Reggie attempted to explain the technical reasons why I was pedaling non-stop, and he spent much of the time coasting. I nodded in confused agreement and pedaled faster. 

With home-sweet-home in view, I managed to contain my excitement and hit “end” on the watch. The exercise report boasted an alarming heart rate, three miles traveled in the red zone of slow, and mapped our route. I could do this. 

I woke the next morning and managed to crawl to the toilet. Standing, consequently, was more of a feat. 

We continued this ritual at least once a week. Sometimes Reggie rode ten miles to our cabin, and we’d take off for the hilly neighboring town. Have mercy!

For the love of biking

Setting a Goal – For the Love of Biking

Then it dawned on me, I could ride by myself to work or the nearby craft store. My goal, by the end of summer, was to ride to the cabin. At the end of the weekend, I might even ride home… for the love of biking.

One evening, my husband announced he had forgotten to set the trail-cam to capture wildlife at the cabin. Flash! A brilliant idea popped into my head. Rather than him going, I would ride my bicycle to turn the camera on and come home. All in one evening. Bill provided the best encouragement. He would keep his cell phone on him, so I could call for help before I passed out alongside the road. Challenge accepted. Nothing would stop me from success. 

I rode up the driveway with a triumphant smirk plastered across my face. I had not only met my goal but doubled it. 

Time for a New Bicycle

It didn’t take long to understand my friends’ enthusiasm for riding. Therefore, it was time for a pedaling upgrade. I asked for advice and tried to comprehend the lingo. I toured local bike shops and clenched my jaw when glancing at price tags. Who knew? 

I settled on what experienced cyclists would consider an entry-level hybrid. It was a dream come true in contrast to the single-speed jalopy I’d been sporting. 

Reggie and I graduated to regular fifteen-mile trips at a nice clip of ten miles per hour. The route now mapped in green because of the faster pace. My heart wasn’t ready to explode. It blew my mind how the original exercise statistics had improved. 

I wanted to go further and see the route mapped. Certainly, I had caught the bug. After a twenty-six-mile round trip to a neighboring town, I certainly desired destination trips. 

Stay tuned for the next segment of the journey. The Biking Journey Continues

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