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Her Father’s Daughter

Welcome to my spot on the Her Father’s Daughter by T.M. Dunn Book Tour hosted by Suzy Approved Book Tours

About Her Father’s Daughter

Title: Her Father’s Daughter

Author: T.M. Dunn

Release Date: July 18, 2023

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Twenty-five-year-old Linda Donovan has spent her life working for her father, Anthony, at Donovan and Daughter Exterminators in New York City. On the anniversary of her mother’s death, her father makes his annual visit to his late wife’s grave while Linda heads to a Park Avenue apartment building to work solo.

When she arrives, she finds the body of an elderly resident, partially eaten by rats. The gruesome death not only speaks poorly of the Donovans’ exterminating services—it also points to foul play. When the cops show up, they demand to speak to Linda’s father. But despite her efforts to contact him, Anthony has gone off the radar.

As he evades a possible murder charge, Linda’s father records in five notebooks—and five damning acts—the story of how he met and fell in love with her mother, a previously untold history of familial abuse, tormented souls, and true love gone terribly wrong.

About The Author

T. M. Dunn has served as Senior Director of the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, where she holds an MFA in creative writing. She coaches aspiring and established writers and teaches creative writing workshops. She is the co-host of the Westport Library’s podcast, Go Ahead, Write Something. This Italian-American, Bronx-raised rebel has traveled the world. She lives in Stamford, Connecticut where she is currently working on her next novel, with her rescue puppy Blanqui snuggled at her side.

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Reviews for Her Father’s Daughter

“Recommended for fans of thriller authors who use multiple perspectives to build the plot, like Mary Kubica and Paula Hawkins.”—Booklist

“In Her Father’s Daughter, an unexplained murder, a serial killer, and a series of bitter family secrets are deftly crafted to create a novel of spellbinding psychological suspense with twists and turns that will keep you riveted until the final page.”—Roberta Gately, bestselling author of Lipstick In Afghanistan.

“T.M. Dunn’s Her Father’s Daughter is a tightly woven web of a thriller that I couldn’t put down.”
—Peter Colt author of The Ambassador 

“Easily one of the most original and unnerving serial killer stories I’ve read. Teetering on the edge of horror, Her Father’s Daughter pulls no punches in its exploration of dark secrets, family loyalty, female strength, and the psychology of murder. A slick, read-in-one-sitting chiller.” —Tessa Wegert, author of The Kind to Kill

“At once a great serial killer narrative, a story about secrets and confessions, and an unexpectedly touching tale of a daughter looking for her missing father in the aftermath of a crime, T.M. Dunn’s Her Father’s Daughter is a fast, sharp, wildly engaging thriller delivered with impeccable economy of language and enough tension to keep even the most demanding readers glued to its pages.”—Gabino Iglesias, author of The Devil Takes You Home

“T. M. Dunn’s unique writing style is smooth and highly engaging. Her Father’s Daughter is a suspenseful, finely crafted mystery that is  chock full of surprises.” —Dennis Dunaway, author of Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group

My Thoughts

Layers of plot makes this book as good as its cover (because I do judge a book by its cover). Murder wrapped in secrets leaves you chewing your nails while the tension and suspense thickens. I haven’t read a book this riveting in a long time. Hold on as you open this book, you’re going on a psychological ride! – Kim Wilch, author and reviewer

Her Father’s Daughter Book Tour

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