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How to See a Man About a Dog

About the Book

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How To See A Man About A Dog: Collected Writings
Author: Samuel Knox 
Editor: Jacqueline Carter
Publication Date: July 7, 2021
Pages: 149

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How To See A Man About A Dog is a collection of experimental short stories, powerful poems, and pulp fiction prose that will take you on a wild, hilarious, and heartbreaking journey. Surrealist short stories, memoiristic poems, and haunting jokes guide you through the wild imagination of emerging writer
Samuel Knox’s mind.

Reviews for How to See a Man About a Dog

“In the light of the moon, a stack of diet pancakes glisten on the dining room table. ‘Steven!’ The kitchen erupted! ‘It is five past your 3 AM Pre-Breakfast Dunch.’ Stephen knew all too well that he was late for his self-imposed good therapy, the latest in in-home, trans-fat free therapy.” – Holy Cannoli, How
To See A Man About A Dog

For the reader looking for a wholly original and experimental mixed-media approach to stories, How To See A Man About A Dog is a much-needed fever dream tour-de-force. “One size fits all never fits me. Hell, what a size. I supposed, sometime once in my early childhood, that it was all a curse.” – My Girl Lately

How To See A Man About A Dog is a kaleidoscopic collage made of equal parts delight and despair. Samuel Knox blends sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and non-fiction into a single enrapturing vision of what it means to be human in the modern age. With over 100 pages of frenetic yet layered experimental fiction, every reader will surely find something to latch onto and enjoy.

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A Special Note About the Book

This book, at its core, is about mental health. Recovering from trauma is a journey with twists, turns, and abrupt endings. A lot of the time, recovery means questioning the various “narrators” we encounter. Other times it means remembering those who didn’t get to finish their story. The author believes that absurdism is the closest approximation to the truth that art has to offer and the best way to understand and process the most difficult journeys in life.

When we can laugh at it, then we can truly conquer the hardest truths.