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Mermaid Lagoon

At ten years old, I played dolls with friends. I looked forward to staying overnight at my grandma’s house, who taught me how to crochet. Subsequently, I considered myself a bit advanced for my age. 

Now a grandma myself, I feel like a slacker. I’ve spent a lifetime reading and always wanted to write a book of my own. I’ve absorbed everything possible in the last five years to learn the craft of writing. And the last three years, writing my first book, which is still not done. Slacker. 

In all honesty, writing a book is hard. And overwhelming. There is so much to learn. 

Then I heard about Thalia. At ten years old, she just released her first book, Mermaid Lagoon. Read that sentence again… She’s no slacker. 

Am I a bit jealous? Yes.

In awe? Most definitely! 

Inspired by this young author? You bet.

A Ten-Year-Old Author

Thalia grew up in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Well, she just turned eleven… so technically, she’s not grown, but you get the idea. 

As a baby, she loved being read to and even chewed the corners of her board books. One might say she was hungry for literature. Thalia’s mum discovered that she could read at the age of three, when she was reading out loud, the title of Peppa Pig series on the television.

Pretend play, art, and books filled the days of her early childhood. Consequently, to her happiness is a stack of books. Her favorite color is purple. Her mum’s Chicken Rice (famously known as Nasi Ayam in Malaysia) tops the list of her favorite dinners, and don’t forget éclairs for dessert!

Thalia is an avid reader. She has won many drawing and writing competitions. In addition, she has won school awards for being a positive role model, extremely polite, and a fabulous reader! Young Writers and Young Author Academy have published her writings in anthologies alongside thousands of children from all over the United Kingdom.

At the age of ten, Thalia not only wrote Mermaid Lagoon but illustrated it with the help of her mum.

picture of ten year old Thalia

What’s Next For Thalia? 

Thalia wishes to inspire children from diverse backgrounds. Evidently, children of all ages, because she has inspired me to finish my book! 

She wants children to believe in themselves and therefore be proud of who they are; what a remarkable young lady. 

About Mermaid Lagoon

You won’t believe a ten-year-old wrote this 183-page book.

Ten-year-old Lilly’s normal life is suddenly plunged into an ocean of adventure.

When shy, small Lilly is asked to join a special school on the sea, she instantly wants to decline this invitation; all because she’s the most timid girl you could ever meet. But when she keeps having dreams about being called to save some unknown people – who are somewhere near the school – she knows that this is her destiny. Meeting three friends along the way, she finds out that she has to find a legendary object to save the seas, and whoever is calling her to do so. 

But there’s an unidentified spy from the evil side – that will do anything to stop Lilly from discovering the artifact. And then Lilly realizes she will have to stand up for herself and push her limits to the max to make sure the object is hers.

Lilly must learn to be braver than ever before, and understand that her friends will always be there for her. If she doesn’t, the mysterious source of power who needs Lilly will have no hope in surviving – and so will the rest of the kingdom.

Find Mermaid Lagoon at:

Find Mermaid Lagoon on Thalia’s site or Young Author Academy

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