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My Nights With You

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About the Book

My Nights With You by AuthorAdalyn Caine, will be published November 9, 2021 by ACBooks. Available in paperback and eBook, it can be found on Goodreads and AmazonRead for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Membership!

My Nights With You

Fresh out of college and on the cusp of a promising career in New York City, Sela Monroe falls hard for Theo Walker when they meet in the park. He’s beautiful. He’s brilliant. He’s a go-getter. He’s everything she’s ever wanted. Sela would do anything for Theo. When he calls, she always answers. When he asks her to come over, she’s there in a matter of minutes. No time is ever too late. No request is ever too inconvenient.

There’s only one problem with Sela’s relationship with Theo: he doesn’t love her back. Though Sela’s best friend, Annie, has been pleading with her to move on from Theo for months, citing his manipulative behavior and the hold he seems to have over sensitive Sela, when it finally hits Sela that her feelings aren’t reciprocated, it’s too much.

After an emotional breakdown that leaves Sela in the hospital, she struggles to cope with her emotions. She has never felt more lost or hopeless or used. Only when she begins the healing process does she realize that genuine love does exist and that sometimes in places where you least expect it.

About Adalyn

Writer. Thinker. Procrastinator. Getting ready to release my novel, My Nights With You. Working on some other projects while trying to stay sane.

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My Nights With You Excerpt

I open the door and tears prick my eyes. I suck in a deep breath as the tears rain down my cheeks. I feel like such an idiot, such a fool. How could I ever allow someone to treat me so poorly? I’m not a daytime delight, I’m a midnight snack. Something that you eat, but don’t ever want to admit to eating. 

Closing the door behind me, I let out the breath I was holding in. There’s a part of me that wants to shout, scream, and cry out in anguish but I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself.

Look at her.

There she is. 

A nut job on the loose. 

I stare ahead blankly, my eyes centered on a street lamp across the street. Tears drip in to my mouth. They taste salty and bitter and I swallow them down as more flow from my eyes. 

I’ve heard people talk about pain. They say it’s a temporary thing. They say you can heal from it. They say that it will subside eventually. Those people are full of shit. 

Physical pain. Physical pain is different from emotional pain. 

A bone can break, but it will heal with time. 

A stab wound to the gut will tear your flesh, but will erase itself with the right care.

A bruise on the arm disappears and eventually you forget you ever had one at all. 

Emotional wounds…

Emotional wounds never heal.

They’re always there. They’re forbidden lovers and dark secrets. They’re cries in the night and fights during the day. They’re taunting words and deceitful whispers. They’re forced smiles and fake I love you’s. They’re the kinds of wounds a person wishes they could forget.

Sitting down on the top of the steps, I hold my head up with my hands as sobs leave my throat. My heart beats slow and steady but aches so badly I can feel the ache spreading throughout my entire body. My limbs throb yet at the same time feel like dead weight. I just want to cry the pain out. Maybe if I sit here and bawl long enough I’ll feel numb. Numb. Numb. Right now all I need is emotional novocaine. 


Those people are full of shit. 

And I don’t care what anybody says. 

There’s nothing more painful than being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back.


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