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Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop

Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop is a children’s book by Kim Wilch. That’s me, the author. I’m on cloud nine. My dream has become a reality, I’m a published author!

About Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop

Title: Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop

Author: Kim Wilch

Publisher: One More Exclamation

Published: February 2, 2022

Pages: 28

Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

Available in the US: Amazon Abe’s Books B&N Book-A-Million Books, Inc Bookshop Half Price Books Hudson Powell’s Walmart

World Wide Distribution

On his adventure, Peter discovers treasures on the beach but doesn’t realize how harmful litter is to a turtle. Alone on his journey, he gets stuck on the shore and has tummy troubles. Who will come to his rescue? 

Will he be able to poop?

While laughing, children will learn the importance of friendship, healthy eating, and putting litter in a bin.

Meet the Author

Author Kim Wilch

Kim Wilch lives in Nebraska with her husband of thirty-five years, two precious pooches, a litter box trained bunny, and a duck that quacks her up. She is a mom of two and grandma to three amazing grandchildren she adores. Besides writing, Kim devotes time to volunteer work. She loves to camp, travel, and get creative with arts, crafts, and photography. 

How the Story Evolved

peter the turtle sitting up waving

I attended a children’s writing workshop. Soon, silly stories swirled in my mind. I brought the idea of writing a children’s book to my six-year-old grandson. Due to his infatuation with turtles, he suggested the book be about… turtles. No big surprise.

Could I write a turtle children’s book?

Next, the turtle needed a problem. After tossing out several ideas, his eyes twinkled as he rubbed his little hands together. “The turtle can’t poop,” he said. We laughed until tears covered our faces. I reported to the adults who bantered about the popularity of poop books and consequently suggested the addition of scratch and sniff pages. Welcome to my world.

Finally, the poor little constipated turtle needed a name. Poop. Paul? Patrick? Peter? And the turtle children’s book, Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop, took shape in our minds.

With a fondness for turtles, I continued to think about the constipated turtle. It seemed like a good idea and decided to move forward with the project. In fact, it became a perfect opportunity to talk about the environmental hazards turtles face. Litter on the beach (and in the ocean) caused the turtle’s unhealthy food choices, and therefore resulted in his inability to poop. Enter the hero, who ironically has the same name as my grandson, to save the day. In addition, the book unfolded into a humorous story about the importance of friendship, healthy eating, and putting litter in a bin.

Who would have predicted my first published book would involve turtle poop? But there you have it, folks, the birth of Peter the Turtle.

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Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop

Peter the turtle walking
Hello! I’m Peter the Turtle


Some believe in the coincidence of seeing consecutive or repeating numbers. Two’s symbolize the need to hold fast to hope, despite how difficult things may seem, because our struggles are temporary. But we are moving in the right direction.

I’m not sure how I feel about numerology, but anyone that’s ever had the dream to publish a book knows it’s far from easy. I’ve been blessed with a supportive husband and friends who are there to encourage me when things go wonky. And let me tell you, wonky it’s been. I was distraught when a major delay with the illustrator prevented the release prior to the holidays. The path to publication is a rocky road, scattered with a steep learning curve and impeccable timing. If it wasn’t for the children’s writing group of Instagram, this book wouldn’t have become a reality. I’m forever indebted to their knowledge-sharing generosity and words of wisdom. So, by the grace of God, everything worked out in the end.

2.2.22 seemed like a perfect day to become a published author.

Sea Turtle, Inc

South Padre Island, TX

I volunteered at the Sea Turtle Hospital while putting the finishing touches on the book. Seeing firsthand the hazards these beautiful reptiles face convinced me this message needs to get in the hands of the children who can make a difference now and in the future.

Sea Turtle, Inc of South Padre Island does amazing work – take a minute to check out the difference they are making. Keep up the good work!

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