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Run-o-saurus: The Running Dinosaur

Jacqui Shepherd’s new book, Run-o-saurus, illustrated by SKlakina, is now available for purchase!

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About The Book

The Delightful Dinos Run-o-saurus

Title: Run-o-saurus: The Running Dinosaur

Author: Jacqui Shepherd

Illustrator: SKlakina

Pub. Date: January 26, 2023

Formats: Paperback, Kindle

Pages: 39

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Discover the joys of running with this exciting children’s book.

Whether she’s jogging for exercise or running to school, Run-o-saurus loves to run wherever she goes – and now you will too! Join in and uncover the wonders of running as kids of all ages learn to become fit and healthy!

As an inspiring and heartwarming tale about the benefits of running, this charming children’s book will captivate kids’ attention as it encourages and motivates them to give running a try. Packed with vibrant illustrations and simple tips to help kids practice stretching and run safely, with the help of Run-o-saurus, children will jog, sprint, and run their way to good health!

Book Details

  • A Captivating Story For Children Aged 4-6
  • Perfect For Motivating Kids To Be More Active and Embrace The Joys of Running
  • Ideal For Parents and Teachers Who Want To Inspire Children To Run
  • Features Loveable Characters and Gorgeous Illustrations
  • Great For Teaching Kids Aged 7-10 To Read on Their Own
  • And Includes Fun Bonus Exercises and Activities For Kids To Try

If you’re in need of a creative gift idea for a child or grandchild you know, or if you want to help your kids be more psychically active and set them up with good habits which will serve them for a lifetime, Run-o-saurus is an enjoyable and rewarding book that you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again.

Ready to start running with Run-o-saurus? Then scroll up (about the book) and grab your copy now.

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

“Running improves physical fitness, reduces the risk of disease, helps eliminate excess weight, and clears the mind. If children see it as a game, they will enjoy the many benefits and will participate gladly. It doesn’t matter if they run for a short time each day or as part of a sports routine; the important thing is that children are encouraged to practice. Over time, they will realize how strong they have become. Run-o-saurus: The Running Dinosaur is an entertaining book that will encourage children to cultivate the healthy habit of running and they will engage in an activity that will channel their energy. Jacqui Shepherd explains how to run safely and uses a variety of examples so readers are aware of when it’s okay to run and when it’s better to rest.
I liked Run-o-saurus because it is a useful book for the development of children. The running dinosaur is an enthusiastic character who shows that with the right attitude you can enjoy anything. The more we practice, the more skilled we become. Jacqui Shepherd presents an activity that children can do alone or while accompanied. The best part is that they only need themselves and the right space and they could even practice at home if they have a clear area. Children will be motivated to look for pleasant and open spaces, such as a park or natural sites where they can feel free. Another advantage is that running can be part of other games. Childhood is the best stage for establishing healthy habits and this book will guide them.” Diana Lopez for Readers’ Favorite

Review for Run-o-saurus

“This is a lovely story about the love of running and exercise which will encourage young kids to get moving and be more active. It shows how running can be fun for everyone and can be done anytime and anywhere. It also provides some tips at the end for running safety and the benefits of running. An enjoyable and educational picture book for young readers.” – Y.Y. Chan, award winning children’s author

“A wonderful book to encourage exercise and improve health. Packed with action, it explains: how to, when to, and where to run… but only if you enjoy it! Isn’t that the key to all exercise? It encourages those who aren’t good at it to practice to get better. The safety tips included are a bonus. The vivid and fun illustrations help to move along the story and keep even the youngest attention. Lovely.” – Kim Wilch, One More Exclamation

About the Author of Run-o-saurus

Jacqui Shepherd, the author of Run-o-saurus

Jacqui Shepherd (Van der Merwe) was born in Zimbabwe, started her schooling years in England and now resides in South Africa. 

Jacqui’s children were born very close together in age, which meant she never had a free hand to hold a book. Needing to keep her children’s little minds stimulated and entertained she started making up her own stories. She wrote a special story for each of her four children.  

Almost 20 years later after her children had all left home Jacqui refined the 4 stories she had written for her children and wrote some more.  She signed her first publishing contract soon after. She has since published 40 books with Awareness Publishing. 

Jacqui has also self-published through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). 

Jacqui publishes all her books under her maiden name, Shepherd, in loving memory of her father who she accredits her storytelling talent to. She is a big fan of stories with morals but believes the story should carry the moral and not the other way round. Jacqui feels that this is done successfully when children enjoy the story without feeling they have been preached to, and  find themselves adopting values and attitudes that  help them in their daily lives. Jacqui aims to produce books that entertain, encourage and empower children.

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About the Illustrator – SKlakina

illustrator sklakina

Last year, a dear friend of ours passed away unexpectedly. SKlakina had illlustrated many of his books and was in the middle of Housework by James Roberts. She will always hold a place in the hearts of #authorforce for finishing the book so it could be published posthumously. Bless her kind heart! By the way, it’s an incredible book!

Not a huge fan of self-descriptions, illustrator SKlakina, would rather draw and be known by her work. As a little girl, she “lived in the fabulous drawings of my grandfather,” as he was both an artist and an inspiration. As a creative and imaginative person with a great interest in technology, SKlakina shares her passion and talent with the world through books and collaborations with authors she works with. 

With her art, SKlakina aims to speak to people without words, and she believes that working on inspirational projects is what keeps her motivated to continue creating mesmerizing pieces of art. As for advice to other illustrators, SKlakina considers that being patient, persistent and explorative is crucial to growth while working on projects with passion. And she continues, “Be creative and believe in your dream!”

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