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The School for Invisible Boys

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About the Book 

School for Invisible Boys book Cover

Title: The School for Invisible Boys 

Written by: Shaun David Hutchinson

Genre: Middle Grade LGBT Fantasy

Publishing Date: February 6, 2023

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What would you do if no one could see you? In this surreal adventure, a boy who is used to being overlooked literally becomes invisible, only to realize there may be far more dangerous threats in his school than bullies.

Sixth grade takes a turn for the weird when Hector Griggs discovers he has the ability to turn invisible. Sure, ever since Hector’s former best friend Blake started bullying him, he’s been feeling like he just wants to disappear…but he never thought he actually would. And then, Hector meets another invisible boy, Orson Wellington, who has an ominous “I’m stuck here. Stuck like this. It’s been years. The gelim’s hunting me and it’ll get you, too.” It turns out, there is more than meets the eye at St. Lawrence’s Catholic School for Boys, and if Hector is going to save Orson–and himself—from the terrifying creature preying on students’ loneliness and fear, he’ll need to look deeper. With the help of a mysterious new classmate, Sam, can Hector unravel the mysteries haunting his school, and discover that sometimes it takes disappearing to really be seen?

My Thoughts

I’ve always thought it would be fun to be invisible. Haven’t you? Well, there is invisible like no one can see you even if they tried – this would be great for spies, bank robbers, and eavesdroppers. Then there’s invisible like you don’t matter – that would be great for no one. 

This has a little bit of both – a boy, Hector, who is overlooked to the point of actually becomes invisible! This results in finding out about a threat to the school. When Hector meets a new friend who has been invisible for years, things go astray. 

Kudos to the author for taking tough topics like bullying and sexual orientation and making a fantastic story any middle grader will be able to connect to. With relatable characters, sprinkles of humor, and a dash of scary, this book will surely be visible in kids’ hands soon. 

About the Author

Shaun was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on the first of May 1978. He was a bad student who enjoyed sleeping through class, debate, theater, and being a pain in the ass. In college, he studied medieval and renaissance literature before abandoning his degree to work in I.T. doing database design. Shaun is now a full-time author living in Seattle.

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