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Sliding Off

About the Book, Sliding Off

I’m honored to bring you a satirical spin on everything we think we know, Sliding Off, by Alejandro del Mar.

Sliding Off by alejandro del mar book cover Sliding Off:

Title: Sliding Off

Author: Alejandro del Mar

Publisher: Trunkfish Media

Publish Date: September 27, 2022

Pages: 343

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Type: Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook

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Jules Burnside is a hipster barista who monologues about indie music and participates in riots more to destroy property than effect civil justice.  Nephi Jensen is a young Latter-Day Saint who believes God called him to be a superhero to deliver sandwiches to the homeless.  Eldon Glenn is a big-headed lawyer, who seeks election as city commissioner in a backwater Kentucky town, by pandering to the locals with promises of bringing a drive-thru window—staffed with singing and dancing dwarfs—to the local Wal-Mart supercenter.

To bolster their online presence and further their personal agendas, Jules, Nephi and Eldon unwittingly join a social media platform—conceived by tech savvy Lilac Bassett and her associates—to incite conflict based on political identity, inducing users to challenge each other in a physically violent sport.  The social media platform and sport soon spiral out of control with violence, destruction and mayhem.  

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Review of Sliding Off

Whatever you’re expecting, forget it. This book blows the lid off satire. Alejandro has taken politics, personality, clothing, settings, life style, advertising, sports, religion, social media, opinions, and more, to the next level. He has exaggerated stereotypes to the point of ridiculous and then turns them on their heads. It’s a funny yet serious spin on our cultural climate that isn’t so funny after all. I found myself scratching my head while laughing. With introspection, the author has brought it all together to delivered something that will stick with you long past the last page.


About the Author

Alejandro del Mar plays semi-professional frisbee in his native Paraguay.  He can jump high, run fast, and otherwise exudes Latino bravado. While on the inside, he’s a sensitive man who remembers birthdays and loves puppies.  Alejandro lives with his wife and three daughters. Oh, and his mother, and mother-in-law, near Asunción. In spite of living in a house full of women, he finds himself loading the dishwasher every night.  He is both fascinated and terrified by American politics, much the same way he feels about the eight meter anaconda that swallowed the family milk goat.

If it was factually accurate, the bio would read:  Alejandro del Mar is a boring, middle-aged, father of two daughters and a Westie terrier (also female). Unfortunately, he does get pushed around by all the women in the house. He works as a civil litigation attorney. And plays frisbee with his girls. 

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