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The Catch

I was so excited when Jenna Miles reached out to share her book, The Catch. Keep reading to learn more!

About The Catch

jenna miles the catch

Title: The Catch

Author: Jenna Miles

Pub Date: November 4, 2015

Formats: Kindle, Audio, Paperback

Pages: 299

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Poignant and powerful, The Catch is a contemporary second-chance romance that effortlessly captures the nostalgia of young love and relatably reflects the trials that come with family, motherhood, and responsibility. 

Julia Dunphy’s husband just left her for the second time, her thirteen-year-old won’t stop swearing in public, and to top it all off, her four-year-old just asked to buy condoms. Needless to say, this isn’t how she’d expected her life to pan out.

Then, Julia’s new work in an aquarium shop washes up old memories of a whale-watching business she once imagined – and of William Quinn, the man she imagined it with. William walked into her life with striking blue eyes and constant surprises. Before she knew it, she was head-over-heels in love. However, the realities of life eventually pulled them apart. When Julia and William’s paths cross again, despite their baggage, an undeniable spark remains.

When she learns that William has made a success of their ideas, she wonders if it’s too late to finally make a success of their relationship. But Julia has already blown her first two chances at happiness with William, so a third one seems like wishful thinking. Then she uses her prowess as a paralegal to save William’s business, and when he shows up to thank her, she dares to wonder – is another chance with him possible, after all?

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About the Author

Jenna Miles has been an avid writer since she first picked up a crayon. Now she creates compelling, heartwarming stories that touch on themes of romance, mental health, and feminism. Jenna loves to tend her garden and cook delicious, healthy meals for her three sassy daughters. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Jenna now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mission is to save the world one calorie at a time as a Registered Dietitian. Her dream is to one day pursue an MFA in Creative Writing.

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Review of the Catch

It’s complicated… Julia and William’s journey is not an easy one. She’s the girl you love to hate – and has made a mess of her life, mostly by her own hand. Will is the guy you want to shake and ask why? On an emotional roller coaster, I couldn’t help picking it up every night to see what was coming next. In the end, the story wrapped up nicely with no loose ends (which I appreciate). Told in three different periods of time, it was easy to understand where on the calendar we were. I loved the San Francisco setting and often felt right there with them.
Triggers: Contains addiction, mental health, and relationship issues.

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