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The Relevant Old Testament

How I Learned of Vanessa’s Work

My name is Kim, but people call me People Pleasing Perfectionist for short…. Connecting with great people on Instagram led me to Vanessa Luu of bodysoulandmindwrites – Seriously, the user name alone hooked me. First, I followed her, then she followed me. Now, she is more than a user name. We’ve visited about people-pleasing, perfectionism, and then recently, she asked if I’d be on her launch team for The Relevant Old Testament. I couldn’t agree fast enough, and not because I’m a recovering people-pleaser, but because I believe in her work.

Author Vanessa Luu

Author Bio

Vanessa Luu is a wife, mother, and faith-based writer with a fire burning in her soul to reach the world for Jesus. She was born and raised in sunny California and says that God has used her struggles to help shape who she is today. Her writing began when God taught her that being perfect was not the goal. Instead, it’s about submission, authenticity, and intimacy with God. She currently speaks on the You Don’t Have to Be Perfect podcast and has just released her 3rd book, The Relevant Old Testament. Besides her books, she writes on her blog and social media spaces.

Why Does Vanessa Write?

Vanessa always enjoyed writing but never thought about becoming a writer. She started the journey in school by journaling and writing poems for her eyes only. Writing as a profession was not her goal. In college, she got a degree in Music Education and then her teaching credential. God used Vanessa for His Kingdom work in many ways over the past 8 years: as a coach, a wellness advocate, a retreat planner and speaker, and now a writer. She believes God may continue to use her in this capacity for a long time, or He may change it up again. However, one thing all her “Kingdom Work” has in common is connection and communication. God uses these innate qualities for His glory!

Getting to Know Vanessa

Her fourteen-year marriage and two beautiful daughters, ages nine and eleven, fill her days with joy. In her spare time, Vanessa loves to hike and birdwatch. She enjoys painting and consequently has two gallery walls of her work (and could fill many more if she had the wall space). Her college degree not forgotten; she has taught singing lessons for seventeen years!

The Relevant Old Testament


The vision for The Relevant Old Testament bible-study series is to help bring the Bible to life for believers! It will help the reader connect and relate to the Old Testament characters; this book brings our Sunday School characters off of the flannel graph and into our hearts. Generally, professing Christians don’t spend a lot of time in God’s word. The Bible has been called irrelevant and outdated. This book (and the rest that follow) are here to disprove that belief. The Relevant Old Testament delves into the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis. Subsequent books in this series will explore the Bible one chapter at a time. Overall, readers can expect a deeper, more intimate relationship with the One True God.

You Don’t Have to be Perfect

As a sleep-deprived and overwhelmed mother, Vanessa sank to her knees and cried out to God. How do I do this life? How can I make everyone happy? Then she heard God for the first time, “The answers are in My Word.” She didn’t understand the Bible and didn’t find it relatable. She begged for understanding. Next, she dived in with her heart and soul. Vanessa’s first book is about letting go of perfectionism, the countless pressures and expectations of this world, and embracing your true identity in Christ. This book is her journey of saying no to perfect and yes to the truth. It is not about slacking off and doing things poorly but about honing in on your God-given purpose. On a side note, the original title, Practical Faith for Meat-Eaters, was quickly renamed. Vegetarians don’t have to be perfect either!

Truth and Tools

A perfect companion to You Don’t Have to be Perfect, or a stand-alone workbook, Truth and Tools is rooted in scripture. It provides a practical approach to releasing yourself from perfectionistic habits. It walks you through simple and actionable steps to live your life in the truth you were created to live in! Shifting perspective is within your reach with chapters such as; Forget Perfect, Be Loved, Worthy, & Enough, and What to Do When You’re Worn Out.

Connect With Vanessa

Links to Vanessa’s work can be found at LinkTreeFacebook and Instagram

Check Out the Podcast on Anchor

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect Podcast with Vanessa Luu This podcast opens the conversation to the contents of the book, You Don’t Have to Be Perfect. We uncover and remove false beliefs that hold us back and focus on living in the truth. You Don’t Have to Be Perfect is an authentic space to talk about life as a perfectionist, in truth and love.

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