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Worth the Risk

Congratulations Shannon Davis, on your debut novel, Worth the Risk.

Worth the Risk debut novel

The Life of an Author

Someday, my book will be written, the edits complete, and the cover designed. But, you won’t find me kicked back in celebration with a margarita in my hand. Under the circumstances, I’ll stroll the aisles of our local home improvement store. Why you ask? The agents and publishers knocked down my door as they scrambled to snatch the fabulous work of exquisite fiction, of course.

Then the much anticipated day dawns and the books arrive. I lug the oversized box into the kitchen, grab a knife, slice the tape, and throw packing material aside. Reaching into the box, I finally cradle my book like a newborn baby. One that took longer than nine months to birth. Tears run down my cheeks as I admire the beautiful sight, my finger glides across the glossy cover, and down the spine. Heartache and happiness collide. Indeed, the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it.

Ah. Some may call this a silly story. Others swear by the law of attraction to manifest your destiny. I simply call it my dream. 

My book isn’t at the printers. Yet. Heck, it’s not even written. Yet. It is a work in progress. Therefore, I network with phenomenal authors from all over the world, some as close as my backyard. The writing community is truly a fantastic support system, especially to a newbie such as myself. Having been blessed to forge these friendships, I feel honored to help others grab their star.

Without further ado, I’d like to present Shannon Davis, author extraordinaire. Help me in congratulating her on her debut novel, Worth the Risk.

Shannon Davis Debut Novel

Shannon Davis, Worth the Risk

Shannon Davis grew up in Northwest Florida, where she developed a love of writing as a young girl, keeping countless diaries and notebooks filled with short stories. After college, she followed her love of mathematics and became a high school math teacher. She retired from the classroom after nearly three decades to pursue her lifelong dream of writing.

A military wife and mother of three college-aged children, Shannon, and her husband, reside in Georgia with their three dogs and four cats. Admittedly, Jack Boy (black kitty), is her favorite. Check her Facebook and Instagram feeds to meet her writing accomplice.

Besides Jack Boy, her family is her biggest support system. Her two beautiful daughters, and a handsome son, are her pride and joy. Married since 1995, she falls in love with her husband more and more each day. When she is not writing, Shannon enjoys traveling, baking, and outdoor activities.

A true believer in happily ever after, she’s a huge fan of Hallmark movies. An avid reader of women’s fiction, love stories about hope and redemption touch her heart. She’s a sucker for happy endings. Shannon’s love of the south, coupled with romance, is evident in her debut novel, Worth the Risk. 

Often called a sentimental optimist, Shannon considers a few tears good for the soul. She believes fairy tales do exist. Maybe you believe in them too.

From Shannon

Speaking of fairy tales, you may have heard that a dream is a wish your heart makes. Well, my lifelong dream was to become a writer. To pursue this dream, I recently retired from the classroom. I will always be a teacher at heart, but I believe life is too short to deny yourself your dreams.

This book is very special to me because it is my debut novel. It was also an emotional book to write, as many of the characters and situations hit close to home.

Worth the Risk

Worth the Risk

Not all fairy tales are as simple as meeting your handsome prince and living happily ever after. Nobody knows this better than Rebecca Sharp. She thought she met her prince at the tender age of eight. As their friendship grew stronger, childhood infatuation culminated into a desire for romance.

But untimely circumstances shattered Rebecca’s dreams of true love and left her broken and alone. A fresh start was the only way she could close the door to her painful past. Now, harboring a dark secret, Rebecca has returned home to attend her ten-year class reunion, mostly to prove she isn’t afraid to see Jackson again.

Jackson Strickland had his own secrets, but his love for Rebecca wasn’t one of them. Tormented by the memories of the only girl he ever loved, his life spiraled out of control. When Rebecca unexpectedly returns, his life is shaken even more. No longer the young girl he remembered, she was a strong and beautiful woman. Despite his bitterness, he can’t resist her or the fire in his heart that’s been smoldering for the past ten years. But secrets from his past still haunt him and danger looms as a killer lurks.

Will they be able to overcome their past and risk everything for love?

Connect with Shannon

Shannon loves to hear from readers. In fact, you can connect on social media by clicking the icons on her website at

Congratulations Shannon! Your #writingcommunity is proud of you. 

One More Exclamation

Before you go, bookmark my blog at to be the first to know when my book is released. I wouldn’t advise holding your breath; I’ve only begun on this journey. In the meantime, I have some good blog posts to check out. – Kim

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