The Sol Saga: Revolution

The Sol Saga: Revolution (book one) is written by James Fox. Let’s learn more about the author and book.


The #writingcommunity of Instagram is an awesome and supportive group of writers, not only beneficial to novices but veterans too. I’m grateful for the valuable advice and insight, in addition to those who’ve become friends. In the true sense of community, I’ve also helped where possible.

While scrolling on Instagram, a post caught my eye, it’s stunning graphic demanded my attention. The post asked for volunteers to read the book and post a review (reviews are gold in this business). Hmm, I like to read and love to help people. In the event that the written word is half as good as the cover of Sol Saga: Revolution, it’s sure to be good. Sure, I can do this, direct message sent. Win! Win!

Ding. Incoming message. Thank you for helping, moreover, here’s the link to my Sci-Fi book, Sol Saga: Revolution. Initially, dread washed over my body. Secondly, I wondered how to get out of this predicament. Sci-Fi is so not my thing. Last but not least, a little voice said to Suck it up Buttercup, you gave your word, now read his. 

I began reading with a dull ache of a thorn in my side. Page one done… 536 pages to go. Page three… this isn’t so bad. Page five… hooked. Proof that opening yourself to new adventures certainly leads to amazing opportunities. 

book cover by James Fox

The Review of Sol Saga: Revolution

5 Stars – Buckle in!

Sit down and buckle in for quite the ride. Never lacking action, this book will keep you turning the pages without knowing what’s coming next. My first Sci-fi read didn’t disappoint. When will book two be available?

Meet the Author

Native American and Californian, James Fox is a natural storyteller. After graduating from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, with a BFA in Directing, he became the Founder of Dawnrunner Inc. He has championed the company through numerous award-winning projects over fifteen years. As a writer, Fox devotes his energies to the careful crafting of compelling characters and diverse worlds.

Author of Sol Saga: Revolution
James Fox

An Interview with James Fox

Why Did You Start Writing?

As a youth, I’d be up in a tree, reading a book, especially space adventures, “When Worlds Collide” was a favorite. My Father had a robust Sci-Fi-Fantasy library. I snuck into his office and pilfered books with regularity. He knew, but let me think I was being sneaky, which added to the excitement. 

I stumbled into the film industry, which allowed my creative side to thrive. Although my degree is in Directing and Producing for Motion Pictures, I gravitated toward writing like a moth to flame. I found enjoyment in screenwriting, but ultimately had too many stories to tell. Production is a long multi-year creative process, which is rewarding as well – but there’s just something amazing about taking a reader on a journey in the written word! My passion ignited by publishing the first book in The Sol Saga: Revolution. 

About James Fox

I grew up with a heavy emphasis on Native American culture. Therefore, traditional ceremonial dances, rituals and chants were a part of my world. I learned survival methods, including how to make bows and arrows, survival structures, and preserving hides. Riding horses bareback is my preference and also love the challenge of gentle breaking wild horses.

In short, I strive to be as self-sufficient and harmonious with the planet as possible. From growing vegetables, raising meat sources, and brewing beer, as well as making cheese, preserving food, and baking bread, I make things from scratch. I’ve made charcoal, lumber for building, recycled, and harvested clay to build a furnace and oven. With this in mind, it’s intensely satisfying to leave as little footprint in nature as possible.

My company name, Dawnrunner, came from my morning ritual of running until the sun rose, then turning around to head home. My favorite color is periwinkle, the sky’s color an hour before sunrise. There’s something special about that time of morning.

I own a ranch near Yosemite National Park, with enough space to house my various interests. My favorite hobby is cooking, the more complex, the better. Last but not least, I’m an avid video game enthusiast, who has continued to play Dungeons and Dragons with the same group of friends for 30 years! Subsequently, it’s our Thanksgiving tradition to play for the entire weekend.

I’ve had several brushes with death. To begin with, I’ve been run over by a car – twice, fell off a building, was crushed by tons of equipment, been beat up, stabbed, and shot at in a drive-by. In fact, I’ve been poisoned, suffocated, and shot with an arrow. On the bright side, these experiences have come in handy when writing, I can lean into the details of dying with the best of them. 

book cover and mobile book covers Sol Saga: Revolution

About Sol Saga: Revolution

In hopes of attracting HBO, the Sol Saga came alive. On set, an Army Vet was telling a story about serving in the middle east. His unit created FOBs (forward operating bases) and fuel depots. Dropped to setup a base, armed with only the ammunition they had on their person, the unit vaulted into danger. A governmental paper chain mishap triggered red tape. Red tape with soldiers lives on the line?! Appalled at the story, I wanted to address these issues. Sci-Fi was the answer to deflate the political repercussions. With the setting two hundred years in the future, the reader would be more receptive to a cautionary tale. The fun with Sol Saga is leaving it open to the interpretation of the reader. Some incredible conversations have taken place – which was the point.

I became a storyteller to instigate conversation through story. The other objective was to make The Wheel of Time into a TV show – which is happening without me – much to my dismay! #LetFoxWriteWoT – I spent five years developing the backstory by researching space-related fields. Elias Woo compiled the information into a reference manual (huge shout out). Then I fast-forwarded the political climate of the time two hundred years into the future. Done with world-building, characters organically formed in the story. It was an insanely fun process. I now dream in the universe I created. It’s been a wild ride!

In Conclusion

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It’s been a pleasure getting to know you James. Best of luck in all of your endeavors. P.S. When do you sleep? 

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